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Hilarious Spoof of Ram's 'God Made a Farmer' Ad


I'm personally trying to forget the Super Bowl, but the folks at Funny or Die are still keeping it alive -- at least the part that didn't have anything to do with football. If you watched the game or just the commercials, you likely saw Ram's commercial "God Made a Farmer" that aimed to tug at the heartstrings of rural America. For most viewers it rang of cheap co-option.

Funny or Die has changed it into something a little more palatable. Take a look. But first a few words. I like the of idea making fun of bad commercials, but let's also not completely vilify farmers even though we have a really messed up food system. After laughing at this video, I recommend reading Wenonah Hauter's new book Foodopoly (you can read the intro here and my interview with her here). Born, raised and still living on her family farm, Hauter has some good insight into how we ended up with the mess we're in -- including the subsidies, which are a symptom of a much larger problem of corporate control of not just our food system, but our "democratic" system, as well.



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