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The Koch Brothers and Kansans for Life: The Alliance That Killed the Kansas Moderate

Written by Kari Ann Rinker for RH Reality Check.This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the original post.

Kansas has long been known as a place where extreme anti-choice legislation, fierce anti-woman rhetoric, and overall insanity is produced by the bucketful and, believe it or not, that extremism is about to be taken to an unprecedented level.

In fact, the residents of Kansas should prepare to feel the g-force of the radical right's strategized rush to bring to fruition their goal of becoming the most socially and fiscally regressive state in the nation. The energy behind this fundamentalist g-force is being supplied by the Koch brothers, the Chamber of Commerce and, of course, the ever present influence and drive of the anti-choice groups within the state.

The political decimation of the moderate Republican in Kansas has been getting a lot of national press. The showdown has been seen as inevitable since the election of Kansas' first radically conservative Governor.  So how did the state of Kathleen Sebelius and Nancy Kassebaum turn into the state of Brownbackistan?It is hard to fathom, especially in light of Governor Brownback's dismal polling.  The following is from Kansas political scientist Dr. H Edward Flentje.

Surveys show Brownback's approval ratings to be low, most recently in the mid-30s among all registered voters with disapproval near 50 percent. His approval among independent voters is even less favorable. Independent voters, who number 500,000 in the state, have the potential to swing this referendum against Brownback and his allies.


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