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ELECTION 2012: The Under-the-Radar State, County, and City Races That Produced Surprising Results

Written by Jessica Luther for RH Reality Check. This diary is cross-posted; commenters wishing to engage directly with the author should do so at the original post.

On Tuesday, high-profile political coverage in the national media was mainly focused on the US presidential election, some Senate and House races, and a few state ballot measures. Yet there were a seemingly endless number of smaller, less-publicized elections for city- and state-level positions, votes on state initiatives that flew under the radar, and city and county decisions that were only covered in local news. I have a collected a fair amount of these at Flyover Feminism, a site for which I am an editor.

Here are a few that deserve more attention:

On the reproductive rights front, Robin Marty has already reported on Florida voters rejecting an amendment that "would have dramatically limited access to safe abortion care by restricting state funding for abortion, though it does not exist, limiting private insurance coverage of abortion care, and stripping privacy rights from teen girls seeking to terminate a pregnancy." She has also written about Montana voters approving a new law requiring "girls under age 16 who seek an notify a parent or seek judicial bypass prior to terminating a pregnancy."

California passed proposition 35 which should be the object of much outrage, especially from people concerned with bodily autonomy, sex workers, and survivors of human trafficking. Melissa Gira Grant wrote on this issue at RH Reality Check, before the vote took place, that prop 35 was "a misguided ballot initiative that targeted the wrong people for the wrong reasons." She argued that "advocates for survivors of trafficking, civil rights attorneys, and sex workers fear that rather than protect Californians, it will expose their communities to increased police surveillance, arrest, and the possibility of being labeled a "sex offender" for the rest of their lives." A judge has already put the proposition on hold. Grant has written a follow-up in reaction to the proposition passing.


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