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Christian Right Voter Guides at Pennsylvania Polling Places

The photos below were taken today at the polling place for Pittsburgh’s 19th Ward, District 6.  Voters must pass the table shown entering the polling place at the Grace Episcopal Church on Sycamore Street.

On the table are copies of a 2012 Voter’s Guide labelled as “An Impartial, Non-Partisan Guide to the November 6th Election.”  The guide is from the Pennsylvania Family Council, the legislative arm of the  Pennsylvania Family Institute and the state’s affiliate of the  Family Research Council (FRC) and Focus on the Family.  I’m also following reports of other material at polling sites in Western Pennsylvania, including from Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition and from Life PAC of Southwestern Pennsylvania.


The FRC is led by Tony Perkins, who has boasted about his role in writing the RNC platform, including calling for constitutional amendments defining marriage and to give legal rights of personhood at the moment of conception. The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the FRC as a hate group because of its “false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science.” A quick glance at the PA Family Council/PA Family Institute website will confirm that the organization is not “impartial.” 

The issues covered in the guide are abortion and other reproductive issues, gay rights, the Affordable Care Act, school vouchers, cap and trade, stem cell research, and pornography.  Photographs of the PA Family Council Voter’s Guide follow.


More photos of the PA Family Council Voter's Guide and additional examples of Christian Right voter's guides found a Pennsylvania polling places can be viewed at: // and //