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Sarah Palin, I Don’t Care What Kind of a Politician You Are; You’re a Horrible Mother.



“Sarah’s back.” That’s the big headline this week. When I read that she endorsed Trump my response was swift and simple, “Welp, the clown car’s full.”

But really, c’mon, it’s not news. Palin endorsing Trump is like fleas endorsing a dog. Of course her last dog was a war hero, a U.S. Military Veteran. This guy’s just a typical mutt with the mange. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not just a low blow childish analogy; a canine skin disease could explain his hair.

Sadly, the real headline this week came fast and furious on the heels of the former governor, former V.P. Candidate, still lousy mother’s announcement for Trump. Palin’s son, Track, arrested for beating up his girlfriend.

What would a good mother have done? I’m going to buy Mrs. Palin a hat that reads WWGMD. I suppose I’ll have to send the answers tacked inside. Maybe I’ll just save the postage and write it here.

Dear Mrs. Palin,

I’d thought of writing to you while you were running for vice president and offering you tips, but decided against it. I knew you wouldn’t win and I didn’t want to waste your time or mine. But now you’ve proven once again what a horrible mom you are and I feel I must at least try.

I admit, I was horrified when you accepted the offer to run with John McCain. You, an abstinence-only candidate, joined the ticket, thereby agreeing to throw you’re pregnant unwed daughter to the democrats and the hungry media to devour. I thought – at the time – no one could be that stupid, you just had to be an awe-inspiringly selfish, self –serving, bad mom.

Honestly, over the past eight years, you made me rethink that opinion. After all, you are colossally stupid. Don’t take my word for it. Just think back on the time you admitted that your dad drove your brother to Canada for healthcare because it was so much better there – just as you were fighting against a Canadian style system here.

But now, your son is in big trouble and he clearly needs his mom. Track needs tough love, counseling, and someone to believe that deep down inside he’s a good man who can get over this and put it all behind him. Track needs someone to teach him humility, patience, and the ability to offer a sincere apology for his actions.

Yeah, I agree, Mrs. Palin, that’s not going to be you. No, you’re the person in his life who will take this horrible incident and attempt to use it for political gain. Let me type that again: You – Sarah Palin – are using your son’s alleged violent misconduct for political gain.

Sarah Palin, I don’t care what kind of a politician you are; you’re a horrible mother.

If you needed to be so self-absorbed as to make your son’s tragic behavior public fodder, perhaps you could have done it by giving a shout out to every soldier with PTSD. Perhaps you could have called on a wounded national soul to examine the plight of our returning military veterans. I work in a homeless shelter and we have several such folks who need a real advocate.

Lastly Mrs. Palin, you want to know the most ironic part of this whole week’s news stories? You endorsed Donald Trump, a man who denigrated the sacrifices your former running mate made as a prisoner of war. Within hours of standing up for Trump, you proved you’re just like him, by using your son’s military service as a political barb. I feel sorry for John McCain and Track Palin: a sailor and a soldier who needed a whole lot more loyalty from a woman they – no doubt – hoped they could trust. 


Pat LaMarche

Mom and Former VP Candidate