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Be an Activist for a Day. Help Children. Here's how.

Did you ever wish you could make a difference?  Of course you did. You even tried.  Didn’t you?  And you did make a difference, but you thought, “Gee, that’s only half what I’d hoped I could've accomplished.” 

Perhaps you’ve seen other people really grabbing the old bull-by-the-horns and thought, “How can I be that confident and work on an issue I care about?”

What if I told you there was a way to double your impact, and oh, more than that, have a one on one day spent at the elbow of an activist ready to show you her game plan, her strategy, her routine?  What if I told you that there’s a way to double your impact and then – just maybe – become an activist for a day?  You’d be delighted.  I know.  I’m delighted just telling you about it.

I’ve got this hero.  Her name is Diane Nilan.  For going on 9 years now, she’s traveled the United States documenting the lives of homeless children and their families.  She sold everything she had, her condo, her stuff, and she bought an RV and she makes a difference. 

She’s one of the architects of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act.  And she’s hell on wheels when a school department doesn’t obey that law.  Yep, not only did Diane do all she could to make sure kids went to school, but she helps enforce the law too.  When someone plays fast and loose with the rules, she makes a phone call and reminds them of the law that she helped to write.  If they’re a little hard of learning, she drives to their doorstep.  It’s quite a sight to see.  But if you'd like, here's your chance to see it... I'll get to that in a moment.

She’s made a number of awe-inspiring videos about the pandemic of family homelessness and you can check out the trailers on her website.  Of course there are some things – like the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act that are so important, that the video about that law is on her site for free.

Anyway, I’m far from the first person who has noticed her good heart and dogged determined nature when it comes to helping homeless kids.  And that’s how Diane won the Sister Clare Award. 

The University of Saint Francis doles out this award to women who have made a difference in their own lifetime.  Personally I don’t know a thing about Sister Clare except that she must’ve been amazing if she’s the kind of person Diane is.

But it’s even better than getting an award because you’ve spent nearly a decade sleepless over the plight of homeless kids.  It comes with a cash incentive of ten grand.  Yeah, you read that right, ten thousand dollars. 

If Diane and her not for profit Hear Us can raise ten grand, some Sister Clare fan is going to match it dollar for dollar.  Well, actually, they’ll match every dollar up to 10,000.  So you want to double your impact?  Send Hear Us a few bucks.  Send 10 it becomes 20, send 25 it becomes 50, send 50 it becomes 100.  You get the drift.

And what about spending a day with the amazing activist, doing what she does, becoming a part of the solution instead of justifiably paralyzed by the size of the problem?  Well, all you have to do is raise a thousand dollars.

(Heavens no!  We don’t expect anyone to have a thousand dollars of their own to give). 

But if you can raise a thousand – thereby effectively raising two thousand – Diane will drive to your part of the country, set up media and homeless events in your town, and take you along for the ride.  Plan a bake sale, activate your high school kids' civics club.

Trust me, I’ve been with Diane Nilan on these trips of hers and I’ve had the time of my life.  Want more details?  Want fundraising ideas?  Reach out to me on Facebook.  I’ll help you.


Be an activist for a day and make a difference that could change a little child’s lifetime. 


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