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American People Say NO to War with Syria: So They're Taken Hostage.


In 2011 the U.S. Congress spent their important time reaffirming that “In God We Trust,” is our nation’s motto.  Meanwhile Republican House members today confirmed that “I Got Mine” is still theirs. 


But really, in the absence of any new enemies to fight – what with the Russians and Iranians playing nice and helping the U.N. control our little issue with Syria – the U.S. Congress has resorted to attacking the only enemy they have left: the American People!


The ordinary American finding out that their elected officials hate them wouldn’t necessarily be the worst thing.  After all, maybe it would lead to a little voter unrest and a tossing out of the ALEC stooges and those addicted to snorting Koch.  


But it’s the unmitigated gall of paying themselves while they shut down key services and departments of the government that would leave most Americans slack jawed if they weren’t too busy to notice... Considering how many millions of people will be directly impacted by this congressional hubris. 


Perhaps you’ve wondered why your representatives have such a superior attitude toward their inferiors.  And by inferior, I mean you.  It’s because you’re a pawn.  This congressional shutdown is a display, a dance, and you’re expected to become mesmerized.  Speaker Boehner and his colleagues holding that “hard line” against even the smallest incremental increase of your access to healthcare will cause you to bicker with your neighbor about whether the old system – pre ObamaCare – or the new system – actual ObamaCare – is better.  All the while theinsurance companies who pay the Congressperson’s campaign bills stave off universal healthcare in its entirety. 


See, while we’re fighting over whether or not Congress will let a few hostages go – the euphemistic women and children off the hijacked plane – they’ve actually misdirected the whole country from asking itself whether or not these dunderheads actually deserve the more than $200,000 they receive in income and – wait for it – healthcare benefits. 


Holding voters captive is an old trick, but somehow we – as the victims – never grow tired of it.  “Oh please, show us that one again, Speaker Boehner.  Dress up like Newt Gingrich and do that trick where you confuse the American people into believing your fighting for something other than dividing us so you can get us to back each other down from standing up united against you.” 


Can’t remember when it’s happened more recently than the Clinton/Gingrich welfare reform dance of the 1990’s? 


Here’s a more recent example of lying the American people into a hostage negotiation where we hope to get at least some of our loved ones off the plane. 


In 2006 the Senate by unanimous consent demanding a 75 year prefunding of postal benefits by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  This made the USPS appear financially strapped when, in fact, it’s the most financially solvent division of the federal government. 


But Americans fell for it and started negotiating with the terrorists; giving up ground so they wouldn’t take the whole thing.  The feds began shuttering small post offices, closing postal sorting stations, and all as a mechanism to streamline the USPS.  But that wasn’t done to ‘save’ the USPS that had been running in the black and needed no saving.  NO, it was done so that it can – one day soon – be privatized and sold.  And the benefit to the American people?  Now we’re supposed to believe we had avoided a calamity.  Wow, when a victim mentality is working, it’s damned hard to beat. 


One last word about the USPS and the falsehood that it’s in trouble: If and when the government shuts down tonight, the postal service will not be impacted. 


Why not? 


Because the USPS doesn’t require one thin dime of tax money to support it!  The USPS operates solely on user fees.  Now that’s a truth the terrorists in Congress didn’t mean for you to learn.  Perhaps they should practice a little Congressional restraint and stick to taking one set of hostages at a time.  Or we might catch on and stop allowing ourselves to be held captive in the future. 

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