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Nugent is Too Toxic for Texas but on NRA Board




What was he thinking? That's what many are asking about Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott’s choice of gun rights advocate Ted Nugent as a campaign side show while he pursues the Texas governorship. It's not that Nugent called President Obama a "subhuman mongrel” and "a piece of sh-t" who should "suck on my machine gun." It's that Abbott apparently didn't know about Nugent's unbalanced, incendiary rhetoric--not a good sign in someone who wants to be a state's top elected official.

Democrat Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis, also seeking the governorship, said this weekend that Abbott’s "values are not my values" given the "cozy relationship he has with an admitted sexual predator," referring to Nugent who has admitted to having sex with underage girls. Nice.


Nugent has directed verbal violence against women, foreigners, immigrants, African-Americans and many elected officials. He was banned from performing at Fort Knox in Kentucky in 2012 for his anti-Obama vitriol. He is a twice-convicted animal poacher (so much for "law-abiding") who has been banned from hunting in Kansas. This will get Abbott in the Governor's mansion?


As many question Abbott's judgment in palling around with Nugent and even current Governor Rick Perry disavows Nugent's "mongrel" quips, it is likely that Nugent will disappear from the campaign trail and return to killing animals with machine guns as he recently bragged. Yet Nugent's same portfolio of racist, ethnic and sexist slurs has not dislodged him from his seat on the NRA Board of Directors.


Last summer after Nugent's inflammatory remarks about the murder of Trayvon Martin, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, an umbrella group which includes 47 other organizations, asked the NRA to remove Nugent from its board. “The NRA likes to bill itself as the ‘oldest civil rights organization in the United States,’” said its petition. “If they want to wear that mantle it’s time for them to walk the walk and end their relationship with Ted Nugent immediately.”


It's easy to see why the NRA wants to retain its racist-in-chief. Nugent has mastered the NRA's perverse combination of bully belligerence and persecuted, "poor-me" victimhood. "I'm like a black Jew in Nuremberg 1938 and the brownshirts can't stand me," Nugent whined on a radio show last summer. "I'm Rosa Parks with a Gibson," he cried last fall.


If they become candidates for governor, it's not clear that Greg Abbott can win over the immensely popular Wendy Davis, even if he loses Nugent fast. But already his campaign is trying to spin the Nugent debacle into gun advocacy. Davis only brought up Nugent to "avoid talking about the issues in this race," accuses Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch, like her support for "restricting the Second Amendment rights of Texans.”



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