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It's a Jolly NRA Christmas!


The NRA's law-abiding citizens who have a Constitutional right to buy as many weapons as they want have treated us to some memorable Christmas-related shooting events.

Two years ago in Grapevine, Texas, 20 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, a gunman wearing a Santa suit executed seven of his family members even as they opened their presents on Christmas morning. Aziz Yazdanpanah was a law-abiding gun owner who bought his 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun legally said police. He had money problems said those who knew him, possibly inspiring him to become a mass murderer instead of a law-abiding citizen. At least on Christmas.


Three years earlier, another Santa killed his entire family, this time in California. "On Christmas Eve, 2008, Bruce Pardo dressed in a Santa Claus suit, armed himself with guns and drove to a house in Covina where his ex-wife, Syliva Pardo, was celebrating with her family," said one news report. "When an 8-year-old girl answered his knock, he shot her in the face. He continued inside, executing Sylvia and other members of her family. He then sprayed fuel in the home, prompting it to catch fire. Eight people died there. Pardo later killed himself, closing out one of the most violent outbursts in the history of the San Gabriel Valley."


Pardo was a NRA "law-abiding citizen" poster child, buying at least five firearms within five months from a single weapons dealer,according to news reports. Hey, he had rights!


And does anyone remember last Christmas Eve when convicted felon William Spengler lured firefighters to his residence in Webster, New York by setting a blaze and killed two of them? Spengler was a convicted murderer who served a prison term for killing his own grandmother. Spengler injured two other firefighters and one other person in his spree.


Like Yazdanpanah and Pardo, Spengler waltzed into a gun store and picked out his murder weapons. He choose a .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle with a combat-style flash suppressor (the same as used days earlier in Newtown) and a shotgun at a Gander Mountain in Henrietta, New York, said law enforcement officers. How did a convicted murderer buy guns? He had a straw buyer at his side. Federal authorities charged Dawn Nguyen, to whom the serial numbers on the guns were traced, with "knowingly making a false statement" that she would be the legal owner of the guns. Nguyen told the gun seller "that she was to be the true owner and buyer of the guns instead of William Spengler," charge authorities. Would someone arm a homicidal felon and not lie? Let's enforce existing laws!


The NRA's bloody agenda is predicated on the public's short memory. No one remembers Spengler rampage (except the bereaved families) because it was a whole year ago! People don't even remember that Aaron Alexis killed 12 at Washington's Navy Yard three months ago (after legally buying a shotgun two days before the rampage). Or that Paul Ciancia allegedly killed a TSA agent at the Los Angeles airport last month with a legally obtained .223-caliber assault rifle. The public has practically forgotten about the school shooting in Colorado last week by Karl Pierson, another legal gun owner, because it's been almost a week.



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