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The Few, the Belligerent, the NRA



There is something shameless about the NRA "advising" school systems how to protect themselves from its own lethal policies.  It brings to mind the Mafia's protection rackets in which businesses are coerced into buying "protection" against violence or property damage which the seller of the protection will otherwise commit. We'll protect you from….us.

The NRA-funded National School Shield Task Force report, released last week, turned out to be riddled with errors. It recounts a school incident that never happened, presents pundit opinions as facts and omits discussion of the actual weapons the killers at Blacksburg, DeKalb, Tucson, Aurora, Oak Creek, Red Lake and Newtown used that allowed such bloodshed, according to Mother Jones magazine.

In other Mafia like actions, the NRA is reported to have planted a high level spy in groups working for sane gun laws. Double agent Mary Lou McFate ingratiated herself to ant-gun violence groups, pretending to be sympathetic and then betraying them to the NRA, according to ABC News.  Mary Lou McFate, who also goes by the name Mtoary Lou Sapone, is a career mole, also accusing of spying on humane groups for a surgical company using live dogs in its training demonstrations (nice) and trying to infiltrate Greenpeace.

Like the Mafia, the NRA's power derives from a few provocateurs willing to bully and intimidate honest citizens (and lawmakers) to keep its coercive power. Who can forget the NRA's robo-calls last month to the Sandy Hook community exhorting bereaved citizens to "to oppose any legislation that tramples your Second Amendment right, and inhibits your inherent right to self defense." What?

"If the NRA has an ounce of sensitivity or caring or humanity, they will apologize to Newtown and the families that received this call," said Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal, whose office got complaints about the automated calls from angry constituents, including victims' families, CBS News reported.

The NRA has been accused of tormented the bereaved before. In the Chicago suburb of Glenview in January at a public meeting about gun safety, its minions "laughed and joked about the terminology used by Linda Jenkins as she described the cold-blooded murder of her pregnant sister," reported Marjorie Fujara, a participant and also a doctor who treats gun violence victims. Anti-gun control activists turned the event into a "raucous afternoon of... heckling and jeering at panelists," photographing the crowd and speakers with phones and cameras and yelling," reported the Chicago Sun-Times. They booed and screamed "liar" and "loser" at speakers from anti-gun violence groups, reported the Glenview Patch. Just the kind of people to counsel school systems about violence. END



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