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Pastor Doesn't Tip Because 18% is More Than He Gives God

This St. Louis pastor is so God-fearing that he refused to tip his Applebee's waitress the 18% his receipt required because he only gives God 10%. As if stiffing a server who makes less than minimum wage (because they rely on, you know, TIPS) isn't demonic enough, this guy actually had the nerve to demand that, because she rightfully shamed his ass by posting his so-funny-it's-not-funny receipt on the internet, the entire Applebee's staff be fired. Applebee's, who must also secretly worship satan, refused to fire and re-hire their entire staff, but did let go the employee who posted the receipt. Why!? Honestly, I spent enough time handing pizza slices to ungrateful karate moms (and sushi rolls to the brilliant brats over at Columbia University), that I have learned failing to tip for adequate service is pretty much robbery.

Here's how I see the situation:

If you expect someone to fill up your drink, replace the American cheese on your sandwich with cheddar, and then clean up after all the food that missed your fat mouth, YOU PAY THEM. And if you don't pay them, YOU are the asshole, not the server who acknowledged your foul. Sorry I'm not sorry this time the asshole is a pastor with legions of supersticious Missourians to send to Heaven. If you write something that ignorant on a receipt, you deserve to be laughed at (HAHA you suck!!) and endlessly mocked. 

Not only shoudl this waitress still have her job, but she should be paid that 18% Pastor __ stiffed her -- and then some. Applebee's, as a chain of restaurants dependent on servers to move their spinach and artichoke dip from the kitchen to the dining room, should get that. And instead of firing their waitress, they should join the rest of the world in shitting all over this guy.  Too many people think it's OK not to tip, or do other incredibly obnoxious things to their restaurant servers (creepy touching/come-ons, placing blame on the server instead of the cook, asking too many questions about the menu, and on and on). Respect the people feeding you!! Remember, they can spit in your food if they feel like it. 

Basically, working in the restaurant industry is often Hell on Earth, and the last thing my brothers and sisters waiting tables need is some indignant pastor on a crusade to make it THAT much worse. Servers bring you your stuff; then,  before you get up from your table and toss your napkin on the ground, you give them at least 20%. Not feeling like it, having enough money, or thinking that servers get paid too much (EYE ROLL ,EYE ROLL) is not an excuse. If you don't tip, don't go out to eat, bros. That's a wrap. 

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