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Film About Police Brutality Victim Oscar Grant Takes Top Prizes at Sundance

The motionpicture Fruitvale, a story based on the life and death of police brutality victim Oscar Grant, took the top prizes at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The film sheds light on Grant's twenty-two years of life before a transit officer fatally shot him in Oakland in 2009, and is the first to win both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award since 2009.  

“The project was about humanity, about human beings and how to treat each other; how we treat the people we love the most, and how we treat the people that we don't know,"  Fruitvale's writer and director, first-time filmmaker Ryan Coogler, said in his acceptance speech.  

From Anaheim, California to New York City, police brutality has been the subject of growing concern across the nation, and it looks like Fruitvale will do justice to the movement calling for freedom from police-led harassment and violence. As Fox Searchlight executive Tom Rothman put it,  Fruitvale is “For anyone out there who thinks for one second that movies don't matter and can't make a difference in the world."


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