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This Will Be The Last Time I Ever Mention Ted Nugent


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Can we just agree to ignore Ted Nugent's feverish rants?

Nugent is a generic
American wingnut, no different from a million Limbaugh fans and crazed commenters on right-wing blogs. 

The only thing that distinguishes him from the herd of tea-partiers on their Hoverounds is that he's a washed-up rocker. He had maybe four hits in the 1970s and hasn't done much since except for making a lot of noise about things he doesn't understand. There's no reason in the world to give this guy the time of day -- you already know that people like Ted Nugent exist, so why talk about him?

I don't usually buy into the idea that if you ignore belligerent idiots like Nugent, they'll just go away. Rush, for example, has millions of devoted listeners, and has the power to make establishment Republicans bend down to kiss his ring. But Nugent is in another category -- he's irrelevant aside from the attention reporters decide to give him. He has no platform, no influence and, like Ann Coulter, he remains in the spotlight by saying intentionally outrageous bullshit. He's a professional troll -- an attention-whore without much of a life, and that's exactly the kind of person who is safe to simply ignore.

Nugent doesn't even offer much in the way of entertainment value. Mocking Michele Bachmann is one thing -- she's a member of the House of Representatives with aspirations to higher office. What's the point of making fun of Ted Nugent -- the guy is a living, breathing self-parody of a Texas wingnut.

And Nugent is a genuinely awful person -- an armchair warrior who dodged the draft and who allegedly has a thing for underage girls -- why amplify the opinions of such a creep? Because "Cat Scratch Fever" hit number 30 on Billboard's top hits of 1977? 

For all those reasons, I'm committing myself, publicly, to not mentioning Ted Nugent ever again.* Will you consider joining me, because life's just too short for his kind of stupidity?

*I should say that I won't mention Nugent again unless my job specifically requires me to do so.

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