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Partisan media v. Reality, Common Decency

Fox News continues to pimp the Daily Caller's huge pile of B.S. despite actual “evidence” refuting innuendo

After admonishing other news outlets for not jumping on the Daily Caller’s smear of Sen. Robert Menendez(D-NJ), Fox News refuses to issue an apology or admit its mistake even after the allegations are proving to be obviously false.

Recently, the prostitutes who appeared on video on the Daily Caller website claiming to have had sex with Menendez confessed they were lying. They said they were reading from a script given to them by a lawyer and say they have never even met Menendez. 

Let's Reflect

  • Fox News aggressively pumped this story mentioning it more than 22 times on national television, according to a search of the Nexis database.
  • The Daily Caller’s original story relied entirely on anonymous sources whose faces and voices were obscured by the video.
  • There was no corroborating evidence to support the allegations.
  • Not only did Fox News perpetuate these allegations, they exaggerated them by falsely claiming that some of the prostitutes may have been under aged. (If the original prostitutes were props,  the "under aged"  part looks suspiciously like B.S. made up on the fly) 
  • Most of the major media outlets, other than Fox News, refused to report the story due to lack of evidence.

Fox News routinely uses partisan websites such as The Daily Caller, blogs and other agenda-driven digital sources as means to fire baseless salvos.  Somehow because the reporting did not originate with them, they try to act as if they are not culpable. And because they don't respect other media outlets, the individuals they smear, their audience or reality, they simply refuse to apologize. 

What’s worse is that it’s not just Fox News. During Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearings, it was originally reported, (this time from, then repeated on Fox News and ultimately mimicked by elected Republican officials that Hagel received money from a group called Friends of Hamas. Later we found at that Friends of Hamas doesn’t even exist. During the Friends of Hamas "scandal", once again Fox News refused to apologize. Instead they simply silenced the truth. A few days after they invited the culprit (the editor) on the air --  , further legitimizing the illegitimate. This time Tucker Carlson, founder of the Daily Caller, gets the disinformation soapbox.

If I were to use the same reporting standards of Carlson and Fox News, I would say this: It’s obvious this was a conservative conspiracy to destroy the New Jersey senator. Carlson himself is believed to be directly involved, having ties to a slue of Dominican prostitutes. Insiders insist this is primarily due to an erectile dysfunction that makes having sexual relations with anyone he may actually have to see again incredibly painful. Fox News intentionally circulated the story, knowing it was false, continuing the news outlet’s covert strategy of throwing shit on anyone with a D attached to their name. According to anonymous sources a memo was released by Rupert Murdoch a few days after the November election, it read in short: 

“Romney is a douche bag. It’s up to us to take them down. All of them. If you can’t find any good salacious dirt, then just make some shit up.”