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African-Americans Are Dogs That Bite and Should be Shot: Why Won't the NRA Denounce Ted Nugent?

Ted Nugent is a "race pimp" and "race hustling" bomb thrower for the White Right. He is also a board member for the National Rifle Association. In his latest masterclass in white racism, Nugent told Nick Cannon on the latter's July 23rd podcast that:

I think that typically when you see the, I don't even remember the term they use, but the gangs of blacks lately that have been just been going down the downtown streets and breaking windows on cars. We played the Milwaukee state fair a couple years ago and these black mobs were just attacking white folks coming out of the fair. And over and over again I watch the news and here's a rape and here's a burglary and here's a murder in Chicago. 29 shot. 29 blacks shot by 29 blacks. At some point you got to be afraid of black and white dogs if the Dalmatian's doing the biting.

He also stated how:

Referencing July 19 remarks by President Obama that addressed issues of race in the country, Nugent said that a "little old white lady" who "clutches her purse tightly and shivers" when an African-American man joins her on an elevator has not wrongly "prejudged" in the same sense that "stormy clouds" are accurate predictors of a destructive weather event.

Nugent elaborated on this point, saying when "we've witnessed a number of storms that have destroyed homes, and threatened lives, and tipped over cars, I don't think we're prejudging those storm threats. I don't think we are prejudging. I think we are taking evidence, and going, 'uh-oh black clouds coming in, wind is picking up, I think I better head for a shelter.' "

What do you do with a rabid or vicious dog? You shoot them dead. Nugent's implication that black folks should be dealt with in the same manner is so obvious that I am surprised more folks have not pointed it out.

Ted Nugent's comments do not surprise me. I am more interested in the double-standard at work where white conservatives such as Ted Nugent, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, and a panoply of others can make all manner of incendiary and white supremacist comments about people of color--blacks in particular--and there is no call for other white folks, or groups they are affiliated with such as the NRA, to publicly denounce them.

If a black person of any public standing makes a comment that is perceived as being "racially insensitive", i.e. telling the truth in a manner that hurts the feelings of White America, there is a demand by white opinion leaders that he or she be excommunicated from the black community.

White privilege is the freedom to be an individual and to not have any sense of group accountability. White racists such as Ted Nugent or Pat Buchanan are just "harmless" and "outspoken". The white racial frame transposes white supremacy by white conservatives into something that should be tolerated for the public good in the interest of a noble commitment to free speech and the free expression of ideas. In contrast, when black folks or other people of caller call out white racism it is perceived as being uncivil or somehow a type of "reverse racism".

I mock the white fear of black folks which tries to explain itself through appeals to the rationality of racial profiling, and tired talking points based on a piss poor understanding of the sociology of crime that is fixated on a lazy narrative of white victimhood and black criminality.

However, I do not laugh at Ted Nugent's comments.

Consider the following: he is a national board member for one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the country and whose members have millions of guns. Moreover, gun ownership is correlated with higher rates of anti-black affect and sentiment. The NRA and its current relationship with neo-Confederates and the White Right in the Age of Obama is an eerie parallel to the Southern Gun Clubs of Jim and Jane Crow that were used to commit extrajudicial murders and to practice racial terrorism against the civil rights movement and the African American community.

The NRA has not renounced Ted Nugent for a very good reason: in an era when racism and conservatism are one in the same, he likely speaks for a good number of its members.

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