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Pentagon Leaders Met With Board Member of Tea Party Preacher Who Calls For a Coup

On September 30, 2013, with the government shutdown looming, NAR leader, apostle and prophet Rick Joyner, head of the Fort Mill, SC Morningstar Ministries, issued a public call for a "military takeover - martial law". I cover that aspect in my Huffington Post story, Tea Party Republican -- Linked Religious Right Leader Calls for 'Military Takeover' As I describe in my story, Joyner has ties to prominent Republicans include Sarah Palin and former Senator Jim DeMint, now head of the massive Heritage Foundation, and Joyner's NAR movement - which produced Palin - has extensive ties to leading Tea Party aligned Republicans. But now, Military Religious Freedom Foundation head researcher Chris Rodda has an explosive new finding that raises major national security questions; in a Huffington Post story titled Pentagon Leaders Met with Collaborator of Preacher who Proposed "Military Takeover" of the Government, Rodda describes a series of September 12, 2013 "high level meetings" between Pentagon officials and far-right anti-LGBTI Christian leaders "for a frank discussion on the loss of religious freedom by Christians in the Air Force and the Defense Department in general" [for an investigation into those claims by Christian leaders at the Pentagon meeting, from the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and Rick Joyner's Oak Initiative, see this story from journalist Bill Berkowitz.] Representing Morningstar Ministries at the September 12 Pentagon meetings was a board member of Rick Joyner's Oak initiative -- none other than former Undersecretary of Defense Lt.Gen. (U.S. Army Ret.) W.G. "Jerry" Boykin who, as his Oak Initiative bio describes,
"was one of the elite warriors chosen in 1978 to make up the first unit in America's ultra-secretive and deadly Delta Force. He then became commander of the unit, and later still, commander of all U.S. Army Special Forces. His thirty-six years in the military included a tour at the Central Intelligence Agency and clandestine missions around the world. Jerry retired in 2007, serving his last four years as the deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence."
If ever there was a man to organize and head a coup, it would be Boykin.