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Divine Disfavor ? - Pastor's Attempt To Burn Thousands of Korans Thwarted By Floods, Irate Police

Wrote one Talk To Action site member, back in July


"Terry Jones, the jackass preacher who has moved to this county, is now planning another Koran-burning.

His plans are to burn 3000 Korans on the property of a Bill McKinney (a name to check on) on September 11.

I suspect his core motivation is to get more people killed..."

But, it was not to be. Not this time, at least. Reports MSNBC, Dove World Outreach Center pastor Terry Jones, in the latest of his seemingly endless anti-Islam PR stunts, has been arrested, along with his associate pastor, before they could torch thousands of kerosene-soaked copies of the Koran.  

According to MSNBC, the two "were arrested and booked in Polk County, Fla., after dousing 2,998 of the Muslim holy books with kerosene" and "now face felony charges for unlawfully transporting fuel." Jones is also apparently facing a misdemeanor charge "for openly carrying a firearm, and [ Associate Pastor] Sapp faces charges for invalid registration on the trailer the pair were using to transport the books."

Over the past summer Jones' previous attempt to publicly burn large quantities of Korans was thwarted, either by an act of God or the vagaries of weather, when unusually heavy Florida rains flooded a site Jones had chosen for the conflagration.

Jones has repeatedly deployed "Burn the Koran" threats in the past - one of which gained, in 2011, notice of both General David Petraeus and also the Pope.

In another incident that year, Jones burned a Koran in what seemed, based on his Youtube video of the event, to be a barbecue grill -- touching off a deadly riot in Afghanistan that killed both Afghan civilians and UN employees. Reported Talk To Action's Frederick Clarkson,


"a wide range of world leaders from the Pope to General Petraeus to President Obama asked Jones to please not act on his threat to burn the Qu'ran. American military leaders said that among other things, such an act would endanger the troops. Ultimately, Jones stood down. But on March 20th he went ahead and staged a much less publicized kangaroo court in which he found the sacred text of Islam guilty of "crimes against humanity" -- including causing murder, rape, and terrorism. He sentenced the book to burning.  This enraged several Muslim clerics in Afghanistan, who led a mob in search of Americans against whom to retaliate. Unable to find any, they attacked a United Nations office and killed a number of UN staff (accounts vary.) A number of Afghan civilians were killed or wounded as well. Apparently, no Americans were killed in the fighting.

A video of the burning shows a kerosene-soaked Qu'ran set ablaze in what appears to be a barbecue grill inside the church hall used for the "trial." "

But Jones is not so fringe as one might be led to believe:  

Reported Talk To Action contributor Richard Bartholomew, in 2010, Jones has some links to powerful evangelists in the charismatic world:  


"According to Amazon, Tuesday was the launch date of Islam is of the Devil, a book published by Creation House and written by the now-notorious Pastor Terry D. Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida. As with Fred Phelps, Jones has a particular obsession with one subject which he has distilled into a slogan, and he uses stunts such as his planned "Burn a Koran Day" to attract media interest. However, while Phelps is confined to the fringes of fundamentalism, Jones is better-connected: Creation House is one of the biggest conservative Christian publishing houses in the USA, and it is an imprint of Strang Communications, which publishes Charisma magazine. In 2005 Stephen Strang, who heads the company, was named byTime as one of the "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America". Further, Jones was involved with the controversial "Maranatha Ministries" in the 1980s, along with a number of figures who are today influential in the neo-Pentecostal "Third Wave"."

It was this same charismatic tendency, broadly speaking, that gave us Sarah Palin.

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