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Today at 3PM EST AlterNet & GlobalGrind will lead a Twitter chat on domestic violence for #31forMARISSA campaign

Today at 3 P.M. EST, AlterNet and GlobalGrind will lead a multi-racial, cross generational intimate public conversation via Twitter chat on men and domestic violence as part of #31forMARISSA, the month-long letter writing campaign inviting all men to write letters of support in pursuit of the freedom of Marissa Alexander. Alexander is the Florida mother who was sentenced to 20 years for aggravated assault after firing a warning shot in the air as her abusive husband — against whom she had an injunction — threatened her. The second part of the letters is inviting men to share their stories of domestic violence in their families, circles, communities with a specific emphasis on the role, action, reaction or inaction of men, and the legacy of that violence on the men around them, including themeselves. 

The campaign has attracted letters from black and brown high school boys to white male scholars acknowledging their privilege and seeing connection in the stories of their white mothers and that of these black mothers. All their letters have or will continue to run on a blog called theSWAGspot, dedicated to starting conversations by men, throughout the month of October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Hard copies of the letters will be sent to Marissa Alexander.

This is the third Twitter chat as part of the social media conversations created by this campaign. Follow AlterNet and GlobalGrind on Twitter, and join our Twitter conversation today. 

For more on the  #31forMARISSA campaign, check out AlterNet's coverage here as well as excerpts of the letters here and here

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