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Google Search Shows Why Capitalism Sucks

Probably one of the best ways people waste time is by typing in the first few words of a Google search for the purpose of seeing people’s top searches. Wait, is that just me?

Well, Google search “Why do I”… or “When is it right to”…  and see if you don’t get addicted to the hilarious drop-down lists of the most popular searches.

Anyway, a few days ago someone took a screen capture of the most popular searches that begin with “Work makes me”:











How awful.

Funny how a simple Google search can shine light on just how much capitalism (a.k.a. the must-work-or-die economic system) sucks.

Now, the screen capture was taken in the U.K., so it doesn’t exactly match the searches I get when I Google “Work makes me” (I actually get a “work makes me happy”). But the results are pretty much the same.

So why do we build a society around an economic system that makes us feel depressed, anxious and suicidal eight hours a day?

Beats me.


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