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Fascinating Obama/Romney Twitter War: #WhyImNotVotingFor…

A new election battle is taking place in the Twittersphere as people gear up to vote tomorrow. Using the hashtags #WhyImNotVotingForMittRomney or #WhyImNotVotingForObama, Twitter users are tweeting away the reasons they are not voting for either candidate.

Tweets using the hashtag #WhyImNotVotingForMittRomney have been mostly clever, poignant or factual such as:

And my personal favorite:

Though I was expecting some frustration with the economy from the #WhyImNotVotingForObama Tweeters, like this one :

Most of the tweets are just ridiculous, yet extremely frightening:

I warned you it was scary...

But you can go join in on the Twitter action!


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