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Don’t Dress Up As Big Bird — Here Are 10 Better Politically Relevant Halloween Costumes


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Still haven’t decided on a Halloween costume? Want to be politically relevant? Here are some costume ideas that can help you make a statement, get laughs and avoid that dreadful Big Bird costume.

For those who have been contemplating dressing up as the Sesame Street character, it’s not too late to change your mind. First of all, it may be hard to find a Big Bird costume anyway because everyone’s dressing up like him —  the costumes even sold out a few weeks ago! But honestly, just don’t do it — it’s bulky, silly and everyone’s over it.

Here are some much better ideas:

1. The Pink Duo

Remember that time when everyone freaked out because Michelle Obama and Ann Romney both wore pink at the second presidential debate? Well, grab your friend and dress up in pink! Apparently, it’s a special color that deserves media attention if more than one well-known person wears it.

2. Corporations Are People

Haven’t you heard? Corporations are people, too. Thank our presidential candidate for informing us all. So gather a bunch of friends and make sure you all dress up as the corporations you hate most. Carry a banner or something that reads, “We’re people, too!” You’re all set!

3. 47 Percent

Do you think you’re entitled to health care, to food, to housing? Well, just dress up as the real you — a government-dependent-no-good complainer. Make sure to act like a victim and refuse to pay taxes. A “47 percent” sign is probably necessary. Need a duo costume and have a friend who would make a good Mitt Romney? Have him walk ahead of you and abandon you wherever you go.

4. Binders Full of Women

"Binders full of women" — hands down the best Romney gaffe of all time. Make a life-size binder out of cardboard and write "Women" on the front of it. For less of an effort, tape binders to yourself, and maybe hang some Barbies out of them. 

5. The Undecided Voter

For the most creative of minds, here’s a chance to visually interpret the “undecided voter.” Wear a mix of blue and red? Attach a swing to your bum (swing voter)? SNL did a hilarious skit mocking undecided voters and the fact that they still can’t make up their minds about the candidates. Now you can mock them yourself via costume.

6. Texts From Hillary

The “Texts from Hillary” memes have gone viral, and you can look just as badass as her this Halloween. All you need are a pair of dark shades and a phone. If you’re going somewhere this Halloween you don’t want to be, this outfit kills two birds with one stone — you have a costume and an excuse to text all night long.

7. “Women Can’t Have It All”

Bustmagazine came up with a brilliant costume idea: replicating the Atlantic’s cover featuring Anne-Marie Slaughter’s infamous article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Ladies, all you need is some business attire and a large suitcase with a baby popping out of it. For this one day, you can pretend to have everything you always wanted — careers and babies!

8. Workout Paul Ryan

This idea has been circulating for a bit, and I love it! A t-shirt, shorts, sneaks, a backward red cap, earphones and a dumbbell are all that’s necessary. Simple, ridiculous and hysterical. Why did Ryan ever think that photo shoot was a good idea?

9. Clint Eastwood and Invisible Obama

Who can forget Clint Eastwood’s bold, RNC speech to an invisible Obama sitting in a chair next to him on stage? It was absolutely mad. There are several ways to pull off this costume. You can simply dress up as Eastwood and carry around a chair. Or a friend could be a chair. Or — for an abstract take — you can be a chair while wearing an Obama mask. If you take on the role as Eastwood, make sure to do it justice. I want crazy!

10. Etch-A-Sketch

Eric Fehrnstrom, Romney's senior campaign adviser, received some rough treatment after accurately describing Romney’s flip-flopping campaign style as “like an Etch-A-Sketch.” For those who like a challenge when it comes to making a Halloween costume, this one’s certainly for you. I have no advice on making an Etch-A-Sketch costume, but this guy does.

And a few other ideas that didn’t make the top 10:

  • Biden — Dress like him and don’t stop laughing!
  • Chick-Fil-A Satire — Nobody has forgotten the Chick-Fil-A controversy, in which its president Dan Cathy made anti-gay statements. The company also donated millions of dollars to anti-gay groups. Be creative in making fun of the company or you can always dress up like this awesome activist.
  • Fracking — I didn’t forget about all of you who would like to make an environmental statement! Just work with the concept of “natural gas” and see what you come up with. 
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