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The 10 Best "Romney's Storm Tips" Before Twitter Account Was Suspended

"Romney's Storm Tips" (@RomneyStormTips) is a satirical Twitter account that took what we know about Romney and applied it to Hurricane Sandy, giving us all politically relevant and hilarious advice. The twitter account had gained tens of thousands of followers overnight and started the Twitter trends #RomneyStormTips and #MittsStormTips. "Romney's Storm Tips" also started a Facebook page today.

At around 6:20 P.M. EST, however, the Twitter account was suspended. Followers have begun tweeting their outrage.

UPDATE: "Romney's Storm Tips" is now back on Twitter, with a new name "Storm Tips From Mitt" and a new account: @RomneyStormTip.

The group posted this information on their Facebook page. Asked why they were suspended, the group replied: "Not sure but they said they are unsuspending it there is just some lag time."

Luckily, I have a list of the best of "Romney's Storm Tips" here:


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