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The Most Racist Organization - Behind SB1070?

The United States Supreme Court is hearing arguments in Arizona v. United States, the Obama administration’s challenge to Arizona’s anti-immigration law, SB1070. What they won't be hearing is what and who has fueled this discriminatory legislation. They won't be hearing about the money being funneled by hate groups with white supremacist and nativist ideology. They won't be hearing about the influence of legislators and public officials with fake reports and statistics from a web of hate which sole purpose is to inject racism into the immigration debate. They won't hear how the law was enacted and to what purpose. No what they will hear is arguments over another state vs. federal fight. More political posturing and even more political agendas in display. Will justice triumph over racial profiling and discrimination fueled by supremacist and nativist fringe groups? We need to stand together in this most pressing time. The video above by Cuéntame exposes the culprits behind the discrimination and injustice proposed by SB1070. It is time to show that we reject this hate agenda once and for all. Sign the pledge stating that YOU side with justice over racism!
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