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Fear of Banking Hex-Prayer

We believe that bank lobbies need to be violated quickly.  By "bank lobby" we mean the entry-spaces, the quiet, clean theaters that radiate outward from the bank's power, with the secret vaults and super computers at the center.  These fore-rooms secure the control of consumers, reducing our ability to influence the institutions, which are killing the physical life of the earth, our communities and our independence.

So, this is our battleground — where the requirements come at us from cash machines, teller windows, surveillance cameras, security officials, displays of printed matter and tables for banking forms.

Performances by citizens of conscience who demand changes in deadly investment practices of big banks — must begin throughout the world.  Indeed, this has begun with the righteous filling of commons like Syntagma Square in Athens, Placa Catalunya in Barcelona, Puerto del Sol in Madrid, Occupy Wall Street in New York, and Russia and Chile and Madison, Wisconsin and on and on in this glorious uprising.  If corrupt governments are swept aside, the banks — which own the governments, will have their desperate end-game.

By pranks and prayers in the bank lobbies we are walking in through the front door.  Re-humanize the banks!  Use jokes, gender confusion, manifestos, and simply loot the thousands of gestures, costumes and words that the strict decorum of the place has prohibited.  Above all — bring the music! 

The FEAR OF BANKING tour began in Zurich at the invitation of Cabaret Voltaire, where initial in-bank protests were performed with Occupy Zurich activists and Mike Bonanno of the Yes Men.  Now we have come to Barcelona at the invitation of The Influencers, and joining us here are the Russian protesters Voina - the world-class activists who stage strategic orgies in Kremlin buildings.  Evan Roth, the hackster with Free Art and Technology is here.  Many exciting artists have come.  We hope to meet them down at the local transnational bank.

See FEAROFBANKING.COM, or the events page at - for the banking stops in this first tour.  We will return to New York for the environmental justice's working group’s (Occupy Wall St.) Valentine's Day party for Bank of America. Then off to the Bay Area for Occupy the Truth.  Please meditate on our bank invasion as Yeti mop-abominations in Zurich and create your own lobby performances.  We would be honored to greet our 50,000 socialites with your indiscretions!