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London & NY - 99% Across the Water

Reverend Billy's Freak Storm" finds our wandering preacher at Occupy London on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. We open with the Stop Shopping Choir sings their "99%" anthem, livestreaming from Occupy Wall Street. "Rev sez: There are 2000 occupations now. We don't even have a data-base yet - but we reach each other somehow. We share the single belief that a kind of power must be overthrown, the corruption of our democracy by big banks and corporations. We share our direct democracy hand-signals, our working groups. Mostly - we are doing what revolutions do - we've got the commons and we live there. Sharing, helping, dish-washing, flirting, teaching - this is a frontier after so many years of isolation from one another in Consumerism. Products isolated us. Advertising threatened us into a "product loneliness." Directly living together - it's so basic and yet it is a rediscovery of our power. We must get through the winter... "Reverend Billy's Freak Storm" sermon #3 about the Koch brothers action at Lincoln Center. The First Amendment is back!! A strange faith is brewing for these apocalyptic times. Post-fundamentalist and happy-crazy with a 35 voice choir and worshippers throughout the world -- "The Church of Earthalujah!" began in New York City in 2009. We have cast the Global Warming Devils from the cash machines of JP Morgan Chase and UBS -- the Swiss bank that invests in the Koch brothers and climate change skepticism. In our church we believe that the natural disasters are messages from a living thing and we're teaching each other to listen and pray. Earthalujah! Credits:Camera: Emily James and Leah Borromeo, Editing: Richard Dedomenici