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banktransferlujah!! Money transfer action day!

This Saturday thousands of people around the country are transferring their money from large corporate banks to small banks & credit unions. We've been doing this for some time, check out our own Dragonfly's amazing stealth video during our (successful!) campaign against JP Morgan Chase and their financing of Mountaintop Removal We begin our day at Union Theological's James Chapel on the Upper West Side, after some fervor and an inter-choir rendition of our OWS anthem We Are The 99% (as we gather together) we will accompany people to nearby bank branches as they begin their money moving. Then we head downtown to the Bank of America in Union Square (14th and University Place) where we will enact ritual glorification on a group of people removing their money from that singularly evil institution. Join Us. Dress is festive, transcendent, outrageous. If you plan to move your money or already have and so wish to be glorified please let us know savitri(@) 11 AM James Chapel btwn 120-122 on Broadway 1 PM Union Square corner of 14th St and University Place RVSP on Facebook: Rev Billys