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Finding Out What The Occupy Wall Str Movement Is

Obama compared Occupy Wall Street with the Tea Party, and then called one right and the other left. He doesn't get it. Noami Klein said the Occupy Wall Street is not a place - that it is a state of mind. She gets it. MoveOn made a fundraising offer to OWS, and was turned down by the downward wiggling fingers. Jesse Jackson stood in front of the new medical tent in the square, facing a team of police sent to tear it down. They withdrew. Cornel West must not be a celebrity. Celebrities come once to Liberty Square and then return to their schedules. Dr. West keeps returning. The NY Times says the movement has no anthem. No "Blowing in the Wind" or "We Shall Overcome." Liberty Square emits a roar all day long, singing, drumming, shouting, chanting. Many writers say the movement lacks specifics, as if it is not professional or educated or in the real world of politics. At five weeks, it is still growing across the world. Moral of the story: No-one knows what Occupy Wall Street is. It is a movement. It is in motion. We do know a couple things: We know that public space has been claimed in 950 cities and towns. We know that we have a ritual of consensus direct Democracy that we observe strictly every day. It is functional, but it is also the practice of Democracy, which we know we must learn from scratch. And we believe that 99% of us have a memory of Democracy, somewhere in our lives, and that we want it to return again soon. Rev Billy The Stop Shopping Choir's anthem: //