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Top Ministry Over Rick Perry's New Apostolic Allies Wants My Website "Silenced in the name of Jesus!""

"We need to pray that all false accusations and the voice of the accuser of the brethren be silenced in the name of Jesus!" - Spokesperson for Global Havest/Global Spheres, Inc. ministries
Leading up to the 2008 election, prominent NAR apostles prayed with and blessed Sarah Palin, and they overwhelmingly dominated the August 6th, 2011 The Response prayer event that served as the de facto launch for Texas Governor Rick Perry's 2012 election presidential bid. It's no secret that Talk To Action, which I co-founded in early 2006 together with Frederick Clarkson, has since September 2008 featured what has been probably the most extensive in-depth coverage of, and research on, the New Apostolic Reformation among secular media. So it is not altogether surprising that a spokesperson for the personal ministries of the man who named the New Apostolic Reformation and, more than any other leader, has helped shape and organize the evolving NAR, C. Peter Wagner, has called upon believers to pray that Talk To Action be "silenced."

But the edict is very notable in light of concerted efforts, by Peter Wagner's movement, to brand itself as moderate or even quasi-progressive, and it sharply contrasts with Wagner's statement to NPR's Terry Gross, for a Fresh Air interview published October 3rd, 2011, that his movement respects pluralism. Asking believers to pray to God that one's critics be "silenced" is not an expression of respect for pluralism. As Peter and Doris Wagner's Prayer Coordinator Rebecca Greenwood, who teaches for the Wagner Leadership Institute, is considered an authority on "Spiritual Warfare Prayer", and has authored the book Breaking the Bonds of Evil: How to Set People Free from Demonic Oppression (2006, Chosen books) told the faithful, in an October 3, 2011 Constant Contact communiqué sent out on behalf of Global Harvest ministries and Global Spheres, Inc. (the successor ministry to Global Harvest),  

"For those of you who would like to know more of the type of things that are being said and portrayed concerning Peter and Doris, Cindy Jacobs and Lou Engle, and many others, you can go to This gives a clear representation of what is being discussed even in conservative Christian arenas.  We need to pray that all false accusations and the voice of the accuser of the brethren be silenced in the name of Jesus!"

The "accuser of the brethren" is commonly taken within Christianity to refer to Satan, so Greenwood's construction clearly suggests that Talk To Action is either publishing "false accusations" or is in fact channeling the voice of the devil. There is nothing "moderate" about painting one's critics in this manner or encouraging one's believers to pray that such demonized critics be "silenced".

It is impossible to know how many believers in the New Apostolic Reformation will be praying for Talk To Action to be silenced, but the Global Harvest/Global Spheres ministries have the ability to tap into charismatic prayer networks, in development for over two decades, which have both national and also international reach.

Oddly, the conjoined Global Harvest/Global Spheres ministries seem to be in rough agreement with former Orlando Sentinel religion writer Mark I. Pinsky--who in a controversial, nationally published USA Today September 19, 2011 op-ed, insinuated that contributors to Talk To Action have smeared evangelicals in the manner in which the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and blood libel, have been used to demonize Jews.

Both Global Harvest/Global Spheres and Mark I. Pinsky point their readers directly to the Talk To Action website, which both accuse of terrible, unfair attacks against evangelical leaders; both fail to provide their readers with any evidence whatsoever to justify their dire accusations. Unlike Global Harvest/Global Spheres, Mark Pinsky does not suggest that Talk To Action is channeling the voice of absolute evil but in secular terms his accusations are as absurd, especially for the utter lack of evidence.

The existence of the New Apostolic Reformation began to seep into secular American consciousness in the lead up to Rick Perry's August 6th, 2011 The Response prayer event, which served as the de-facto launch of Perry's presidential campaign. NAR intellectual godfather C. Peter Wagner has since acknowledged that one of his apostles, Alice Patterson, organized the event at the personal request of Texas Governor Perry, and Wagner's ICA apostles dominated The Response--which, for the ideological extremity of his NAR movement, likely has no precedent in American political history.

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