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Occupy Wall Street Comes to San Francisco - How You Can Help

Cross-posted from Tikkun Daily. by Be Scofield On Thursday, Sept. 29th over 1,000 people marched in San Francisco to voice their frustration against the corrupt financial institutions that have been harming the lives of millions. It was the latest effort in what is a quickly spreading movement. While New York is the largest, there are Occupy movements cropping up in every city - Chicago, Miami, Seattle, LA, Boston and Reno just to name a few. For those who missed it, the SF march was energetic and filled with passionate, yet frustrated voices. Marching from the former Bank of America headquarters on California street, the group staged a massive picket in front of Charles Schwab. Some entered the lobby while many more tried to push their way in. One protester stood inside with a sign that said "revolution is beautiful." After leaving a lasting impression at Charles Schwab the group headed to Chase bank on Market street. Six people were able to get inside the bank and do a sit in, while others filled the entry way lobby in support. The police prevented any more people from entering the bank. Outside, the massive crowd cheered for those inside, "Let our people go, arrest the CEO." Life sized cardboard images of Chase CEO Jamie Dimon were set against the backdrop of the bank. All six members inside were arrested and cited and then released out a side entrance to cheers and excitement from the crowd. This is YOUR Movement

The Occupy SF movement needs your help. There are currently people camping out in front of the Federal Reserve in downtown San Francisco at 101 Market Street (near Drumm). They'll be there every day and every night and they need supplies. The most pressing needs are food, water, blankets, batteries (C&D), disposable phones with minutes and rain gear. Please join them on the streets, even if it is just for a few hours of moral support. Camp out with them if you can. Do what you can to spread the word. The SF movement began on Sept. 17th, just like the New York one did. People have been camping out since, first near Justin Herman Plaza but now in front of the Federal Reserve building. Right now the movement is in its early stages, but after the large protest yesterday the numbers are quickly increasing. They need people! Do you have something you can contribute? Media skills? Organizing experience? Civil Disobedience training? Can you bring them food? There is no well financed non-profit organization that is calling the shots. It is up to the people, that means you and I, to make a difference! Here are the logistics: General Assembly every day at 6pm in front of Federal Reserve building (101 Market St.) Large meeting Saturdays at 12noon in Union Square. - occupysanfrancisco[at] Photos from Occupy SF To read more pieces like this, sign up for Tikkun Daily’s free newsletter, sign up for Tikkun Magazine emails or visit us online. You can also like Tikkunon Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
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