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NY Marriage Equality Celebration Mash-Up!

The New York State Senate's vote to legalize marriage for all people (though dogs could very well be next, followed by dog-human marriage) has disastrous consequences for our world, our country, our state and especially New York City, which will now be flooded with guys. I saw that first hand when gays rushed from who knows where into New York's Greenwich Village, converting it into a total gayborhood. Here is the celebration I caught with my very fancy camera and sophisticated shooting style (a flip camera I was too excited to hold very still for more than a second). But that's not all! In all seriousness (please allow me to not be the funniest, most hilarious person in the world for a few seconds) as I was "filming," I said to my friend, "I just need a moving and appropriate song to set this footage to*." She suggested YMCA but I rejected the song as being much more grating and annoying than moving and appealing. (In all fairness, Village People, there's no need to feel down for not making a more moving song and neglecting to think of future generations. I was once in your shoes and I know that all of your creative energies and juices went into the intricate choreography of the YMCA dance) The next morning I learned that masterful jockey of the discs, Marc Faletti, had made a perfect mash-up, which he generously allowed me to use. It keeps the great lyrics of the disco hit and removes the terrible disco hit music. So without further ado, here is the music video forMore than a YMCA or It's Fun to Stay at the More than a Feeling *I end sentences with prepositions only when talking, literally, on the street.