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Switch The Switch

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What if there is a switch in our brains that Bond-like villains can flip with impunity, sending us into spasms of shopping? Horribly, this is now an American fact of life. Yes - corporate researchers have discovered a circuit in our brains that actuates our shopping. Don't scratch your head too hard, you might find yourself swooning for a $749 Barack Obama bust made of certified range-free Styrofoam.


There's something called “The Switch.” It might sound like a folk story – but it isn't. It's something we've all heard of. There's a company based in Chicago financed by the biggest corporations – the Coca-Colas, the Mcdonalds, Amen? Scientists are researching there in their white lab coats how to flip this nerve switch. The corporations will be able to flip a switch, something will happen to us, and we will be unable to resist. We will have no mental dissent. The corporations say “BUY!” and we say “I want that!” “I buy that!”

This company is not a folk story. It's just that the corporations hesitate to admit that “The Switch” is something their researching. Maybe there's something too Orwellian about the whole thing. Maybe it's a future they don't want us to know is waiting for us. Or maybe, children, that switch has already been flipped! Maybe it was flipped when so many of us believed that Saddam Hussein flew those jets into the Twin Towers, and we went right into Iraq and Afghanistan, sold to us like video games. Maybe they have already flipped that switch. Maybe that's why we're still buying things and using dirty coal and gas and oil even as the Earth revolts. But children - we've got our own switch. Let's the flip the switch that says the Earth is a place that we love. We want to live here. We exalt and service and make healthy the life around us. We use energy that doesn't destroy. We stop the corporations and have local economies that are healthy for ourselves and for our children. Let's flip our own switch. It's about time. Amen! Earthalujah!