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No Sex Please, We're American - The Passion for Cutting International Family Planning Funds

Written by Alexander Sanger for - News, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

Somewhere in the universe, I am sure there is a planet where its inhabitants don't use sex to reproduce, using instead artificial insemination, or cloning. We are not that planet. On this planet, there are innumerable species where the female goes into heat at certain times of the year and the males and females have sex only to reproduce.  We humans are not among those species. On such other planets and among such other species, every pregnancy is intentional and every offspring wanted, and there is no need for contraception or induced abortion. Not so with humans.

We humans have evolved, or been created―take your pick―to employ sex not only to get pregnant and mix the genes of two parents to create sturdier offspring, but also for other purposes like: having fun, creating and maintaining emotional ties, expressing love, and bonding a couple together for the long haul to raise children. This is why humans have sex when they can't get pregnant (for example, when the woman is already pregnant, between cycles, or  post-menopausal). There is a human benefit to having sex without risk of reproduction. ... Read more