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Cops Conspire With Baby-Killing Satanists, Claims Newt Gingrich Ally Pastor John Hagee

"I went down there and joined this church. We were taught to vomit demons into bags. It was a very, very weird situation." -- Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi, on his experiences at John Hagee's San Antonio Cornerstone Church "Last night at Cornerstone Church we were privileged to have, as our speaker, Newt Gingrich. He gave a wonderful delivery of the theme, 'Rediscovering God in America.' " -- John Hagee Does Newt Gingrich know that pastor John Hagee, whose San Antonio Cornerstone Church Gingrich recently gave a speech at, has promoted, in an internationally broadcast 2003 sermon, a variant of Hitler's favorite anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, which the Anti Defamation League identifies as "A Classic Anti-Semitic Myth", the claim Rothschild bankers control the world economy and are scheming against the common folk? Does presidential hopeful Gingrich know that Hagee claims cops across America are conspiring with satanists who ritually slaughter babies as sacrifices to the devil? Does he know Hagee is an avowed exorcist who claims to have performed an exorcism on a woman who had the face of a cat? This is not in the past - Hagee's ministry is currently marketing a DVD set which includes a 2010 sermon by Hagee on casting out demons. Gingrich really should really know better. Texas megachurch pastor and Christians United For Israel head John Hagee carries a bit of baggage, which a May 21, 2008 Huffington Post story by Sam Stein, McCain Backer Hagee Said Hitler Was Fulfilling God's Will (AUDIO) helped launch to media prominence, causing presidential candidate John McCain to renounce Hagee's political endorsement. Stein's story featured audio I'd uncovered, from an internationally broadcast 2005 sermon by Hagee. Here's what pastor John Hagee was promoting back in 2000:
"Female satanists breed themselves to give birth to children for the ritual offerings...

...The baby is ritually slaughtered, cremated, and the fat used to make candles for satanic worship at a later date... ...And why don't we hear more about this in the press? [Larry] Kahaner says that police departments themselves carefully squash the stories." ---John Hagee, from Day of Deception, first published by Thomas H. Nelson in 1997, republished in 2000. The cover of the 2000 edition includes the claim, "Over 1.1 million Copies Sold"

There's no question as to the facts--As shown in my new video, "Gingrich chats with an exorcist", John Hagee has put such claims in mass-marketed books and videos, and he's broadcast them around the world, to millions of people, via evangelical TV and radio networks. My advice to former Speaker of the House Gingrich would be: caveat emptor - buyer beware. Politicians, especially those with presidential aspirations, ought to learn a bit about the people they choose to hang around with, lest they become associated with cop and Jew-bashing conspiracy theorists who grapple with cat-demons. Though you, dear reader, may not be aware of it, exorcism in America is really quite common these days, among a significant segment of the evangelical right: so that even though you probably won't find any billboards advertising this, chances are that you could get your demons cast out at a church (typically a "non-denominational" church) within 10-20 miles of where you live. Indeed, in early 2001, at his inaugural prayer service at the National Cathedral, newly installed President George W. Bush received the blessing of a well-practiced exorcist who a few years earlier had endorsed the theory that the early 1990's downturn in the Japanese stock market happened because the Japanese emperor had ritual sexual intercourse with a sky-goddess who, as the theory went, may have been a succubus. The same pastor has helped launch a movement that's creating a whole new exorcism-based health care paradigm via an international network of so-called "healing rooms" which purport to be able to turn gays straight and cure everything from migraines and cancer, to ingrown toenails and hemorrhoids, by faith healing and the casting out of demons--a growing national craze on the evangelical right that's referred euphemistically as "deliverance", which once upon a time was known as "exorcism". But, why does Gingrich need John Hagee? Well, Newt Gingrich hasn't yet had as many wives as did Henry the 8th, but he seems healthy enough to last a few more years, if not decades, so who knows? Gingrich's conjugal profligacy represents a bit of a liability in terms of his relationship with the evangelical right, which arguably now represents the core base of the Republican Party. So, Former Speaker of the House Gingrich is courting evangelical kingmaker and avowed exorcist John Hagee--who seems to possess the special moral-absolution faerie dust to sprinkle over Gingrich and make him palatable to the conservative demon-casting evangelical base. We've been here before. In the 2000 election GOP primaries, Senator John McCain repeatedly attacked Christian right icons such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson as "agents of intolerance" and, as a consequence was badly beaten by George W. Bush, who some say was a washed-in-the-blood born-again believer but at the very least knew how to speak the lingo. By 2005 John McCain, with an eye to the upcoming 2008 presidential election, was pursuing evangelical kingmakers such as Falwell and Robertson. Having won their favor, McCain went after Hagee like a dog in heat. By January 2008 McCain, who had by then kissed enough evangelical fundament to win rising evangelical leader John Hagee's favor, announced Hagee's political endorsement, at a nationally televised press conference. Four months later, McCain dropped Hagee's endorsement like a very hot potato--which it in fact was. What happened? Well, in May 2008 I posted a three and a half minute video, featuring an audio clip from a late 2005 John Hagee sermon, that went viral and wound up being featured in media around the world including on Iranian state television. In the Hagee sermon audio clip, pastor Hagee claimed that God had sent Adolf Hitler, a "hunter" according to Hagee, in order to chase Europe's Jews towards Palestine--the place, according to Hagee, where God wanted Jews to live. This proved to be politically toxic. As the New York Times described,
"McCain repudiated the Rev. John Hagee, a televangelist, after a watchdog group released a recording of a sermon in which Hagee said Hitler and the Holocaust had been part of God's plan to chase the Jews from Europe and drive them to Palestine. [...] Audio of the sermon, from the late 1990s, was first posted last week by the Web site Talk to Action, which scrutinizes the Christian right, and then reported by The Huffington Post. In the sermon, which is also available on the church's Web site, Hagee said the Bible prophesied Hitler's brutality. "How is God going to bring them back to the land? The answer is fishers and hunters," Hagee said, referring to how Jews ended up in the modern state of Israel. "A hunter is someone who comes with a gun and forces you. Hitler was a hunter." Hagee continued: "That will be offensive to some people. Well, dear heart, be offended: I didn't write it. Jeremiah wrote it. It was the truth and it is the truth. How did it happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said, 'My top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel.' "
John Hagee, I might add, also claims that God has cursed (and doomed) America because of support for reproductive rights and the teaching of Evolution in public schools. As I wrote in the April 30, 2008 story linked above,
"According to Hagee, in the case of curses humans speak against each other, "[if] you are not protected by the blood of Christ that curse will stick. It can follow you and your family for generations." The implication is that Christianity alone confers special protection against curses, which slide off Christians but stick to people of all other faiths and beliefs. In a later book, Hagee has described a terrible, permanent divine curse upon Jews for worshiping idols. To work and to sweat, explains Hagee, are the curses of men while menstruation and childbearing are curses of women. [...] America is also collectively cursed for specific reasons, such as legalized abortion and a Supreme Court decision against sectarian Bible classes in public schools but also, more generally, for rebelling against God. As a consequence of America's disobedience and rebellion, according to McCain-endorser John Hagee, God's has cursed America and that curse has caused American military defeats, in Korea and Vietnam, plagues such as AIDS and social blights like violent crime. God's curse on America has also led "hundreds of thousands" to secretly sacrifice children to the devil."
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