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Tax Day Is Less Than a Week Away. How Much Will You Pay for War This Year?

This Monday, April 18, is Tax Day 2011. Considering all the noise coming from Washington, D.C., about deficits and debt, you might think you’d be paying less this year for wars you don’t support. You’d be wrong. Take a look at Rethink Afghanistan’s War Tax Calculator and see just how much you’re paying for war this year on your income taxes.

Fair warning: you may want to sit down first.

This past week, self-styled “fiscal conservatives” in Congress nearly shut down the federal government over about $40 billion in cuts to the budget. Now, keep in mind that by the end of this month, we’ll have already spent that much just in 2011 on the brutal, futile Afghanistan War, and that’s just a slice of the huge Pentagon budget that’s eating more and more of your tax dollars every year with virtually no accountability. That’s despite the fact that, when asked which big-ticket federal programs they’d pick for cuts if they had to choose, the American people overwhelmingly prefer cuts to the bloated war budget.

Our friends at the National Priorities Project looked at the portion of the budget funded specifically by your income tax dollars and discovered that a whopping 27 cents out of every dollar you’ll pay to the IRS goes to fund the Afghanistan War and other military spending. No one should take anyone seriously if they claim to be a fiscal conservative but won’t consider serious cuts to this massive waste of taxpayer dollars.

More than 60,000 people have used our War Tax Calculator already, and thousands of them are sending their I.O.U.s to their Member of Congress to ask for their money back. We’re taking your I.O.U.s to Congress on Thursday to demand they get their spending priorities straight, and we’re being joined by a bipartisan congressional delegation and a host of other groups and veterans who want to bring those war dollars home.

Send your I.O.U. today and we’ll get it to your Member of Congress.