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Jeffrey Blankfort: Chomsky Misfires on US-Israel Relations

By Kathleen Wells,

Jeffrey Blankfort

Jeffrey Blankfort is an American journalist and recognized expert on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Kathleen Wells: Hi. I'm Kathleen Wells, political correspondent for Race-Talk, and today I'm speaking with Jeffrey Blankfort. Jeffrey Blankfort has been engaged in political work on behalf of the Palestinians since spending four and a half months in Lebanon and Jordan in 1970, photographing the Palestinian refugee camps. Blankfort is a Middle East analyst who has written extensively on the Israel-Palestine conflict. He is a former editor of the Middle East Labor Bulletin, a photo journalist and currently hosts a program on international affairs called "Takes on the World" for KZYX, the public radio station of Mendocino County in California. Last July, Blankfort participated in a conference on Israel's nuclear weapons held at the Spy Museum in Washington DC and sponsored by the Institute for Research: Middle East Policy. Thank you, Jeffrey for taking the time to speak with me this morning.

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