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Ohio GOP Candidate Who Was Accused of Sexual Harrassment Threatens to Sue Dems

Yesterday, Talking Points Memo's Eric Lach reported that a second woman had stepped forward with allegations that the Republican candidate in Ohio's 13th district had sexually harassed her.
For the second time in a month, Republican congressional candidate Tom Ganley, running in Ohio's 13th district, has been accused of sexual harassment. In late September, a married mother of four filed a civil suit against Ganley, in which she accused him of attempted rape and sexual assault. Ganley's attorney called the charges "baseless allegations." Now, a woman named Dianne Hill has filed a report with the Cleveland police, over an alleged incident that occurred in 2005, at Ganley's Chevy dealership in Cleveland. Hill told WKYC the incident occurred when she and two other people were shopping for a car. When they were leaving Ganley's office, Hill said, "As I went through the door, he didn't just grab my buttocks. He carried my buttocks through the door." Hill says that a few days later, Ganley contacted her and told her he wanted to meet up with her and her sister-in-law. "He says, 'I just want you to dress in some sexy lingerie and let me smack your butts,'" Hill said.
TPM's Josh Marshall followed that up with news that "Ganley is hitting back claiming that the number of women coming forward claiming he harassed and fondled them is a sign of what's wrong with Washington and he is consulting his lawyer to see if he can sue the Democratic party for the rash of accusations." Ganley issued a statement claiming:
I have reason to believe the vile lies against me have been carefully orchestrated by Betty Sutton, the Ohio Democratic Party, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I will be meeting with my attorneys this weekend to see if legal action can be filed for the Democrats' efforts to derail my campaign and ruin my reputation.
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