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The 10 Smartest and Dumbest U.S. Cities

It's that time of year again -- the Daily Beasthas released its second-annual list of the nation's smartest and dumbest cities. What makes a city "smart" or "dumb," per this list? The education level of the city's citizens, for one, and also its "intellectual environment," as measured by nonfiction book sales and the prevalence of colleges and libraries. Draw your own conclusions about what the list means in terms of a city's desirability. (At #16, New York City was robbed, man!) But one thing that seems to be objectively true is that there's an economic element to the rankings:
The continuing economic malaise just reinforces a perennial fact: A city’s potential lies mostly with the ingenuity and brainpower of its citizens. Regions with intellectual vigor are more likely to bounce back; those without risk a stupor. As The Daily Beast again plays scorekeeper on which cities have what it takes, intellectually speaking, and which fall short, that chasm can be seen in stark relief when comparing the prospects at the top and bottom of our list.
And now, the smartest and dumbest cities in America! Smartest 1. Boston, MA 2. Hartford-New Haven, CT 3. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA 4. Raleigh-Durham, NC 5. Denver, CO 6. Seattle-Tacoma, WA 7. Austin, TX 8. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 9. Washington, DC 10. Rochester, NY Dumbest 1. Las Vegas, NV 2. San Antonio, TX 3. Fresno, CA 4. Houston, TX 5. Memphis, TN 6. Orlando, FL 7. Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL 8. Louisville, KY 9. Miami, FL 10. Greensboro, NC