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Watch John Stewart's Hilarious Takedown of McCain

Mediate and Raw Story have caught a fabulous, and depressing, clip montage from last night's Daily Show (in D.C. this week). It begins with some typical New York vs. D.C. chatter from Stewart's news team but, the fun begins around the 3 minute mark with clips of various tea-partiers describing the guns, axes, and muskets they're going to bring to fix Washington. Then, as Mediate's Colby Hall writes:
the heart of the segment [5 minutes in] is a rather stunning and illuminating montage of Senator McCain publicly claiming that “government is broken” in a series of clips going back to 1987. When viewed collectively, not only does one think that McCain needs to hire a new speechwriter, but that he’s been remarkably ineffective in fixing the very system in which he’s thrived. It almost seems as though if he’s not really interested in fixing it at all (or maybe “the fix” is in.)
Watch the video below, and read coverage at Mediateand The Raw Story.
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