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Sharron Angle Uses Decoy to Avoid Reporters

The campaign of Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle, deeply steeped in the Right's 'liberal media' conspiracy theories, has gone from bizarre to surreal. Las Vegas Sun:
Angle had a closed-press appearance at the Microsoft Licensing office in Reno today. A phalanx of local TV crews and reporters showed up to try and get a comment from her. According to one reporter on the scene, Angle arrived about 40 minutes late. She spoke for about five minutes inside. As the event was coming to a close, a campaign staffer in a car near the assembled press reportedly spoke loudly into his cell phone, saying: “She’s Ready? She’s coming out now?” Two women then got into his car, while Angle apparently went out a side door, avoiding TV cameras altogether.
Perhaps someone on Angle's staff is a fan of The Prisoner of Zenda.
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