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Gorbachev: U.S Should Get Out of Afghanistan

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former leader of a country which knows quite bit about quagmires in Afghanistan, says the U.S. is in one right now. And we should get out as soon as possible. As the situation in Afghanistan for American and NATO troops worsens--and civilians bear the brunt of the burden--current American plans call for the beginning of a withdrawal in 2011. "Victory is impossible in Afghanistan. Obama is right to pull the troops out. No matter how difficult it will be," Mr Gorbachev--who himself pulled Soviet troops out of the war-ravaged country after a miserable, bloody 10-year occupation--told the BBC today. He admitted that because of America's role training and arming militants to oppose that Soviet occupation, a withdrawal would be far from easy or cost-free. "But what's the alternative - another Vietnam? Sending in half-a-million troops? That wouldn't work," he told the BBC. Ironically, now Russia itself may provide some help to the NATO effort in Afghanistan. According to Voice of America, "NATO is now urging Russia to provide military hardware and training for Afghan forces. Moscow has said it is willing to help." Read the full stories at the BBCand Voice of America. Read Jim Hightower's Alternet op-ed about ending the bloodshed in Afghanistan.
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