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Study: "Green" Products Still Killing Earth

You know all those nice, minimalist "green" products at the supermarket and drug-store, the ones you pay an extra buck for because at least you're not destroying Mother Earth? Well, according to a new study, they're probably ravaging the environment anyway. The Wall Street Journal reports on a new study by environmental group TerraChoice, which examines the widespread practice of "greenwashing" or re-labeling household products to make them seem more friendly to the environment. The gist of the findings, according to reporter Gwendolyn Bounds:
According to a study due out Tuesday, more than 95% of consumer products examined committed at least one offense of "greenwashing," a term used to describe unproven environmental claims, according TerraChoice, a North American environmental-marketing company that issued the report.
Some of the practices they found among the 5,000 products studied including unclear wording like "all-natural" fake looking certification designed to look like third-party approval, and outright "fibbing." "The scary thing is that manufacturers are not providing independent proof of these claims," Scot Case, who works for Underwriters Laboratories Inc, told the Journal. "The same verification we expect from accounting records, we should expect from BPA claims." So before you assuage your guilty conscience due to a "green" label, read the study and check up on which legitimate labels to look out for. You know, the ones that only 5% of green products are actually using. Read the full story at the Journal.
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