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MoveOn Member Shoved, Stomped On Outside Rand Paul Debate

A female member of MoveOn who was protesting outside a Rand Paul/Jack Conway debate in Lexington Kentucky last night was attacked by a group of her opponents. The entire altercation got caught on video: she was surrounded and shoved by a group of burly men, who then-- also clearly captured on video footage--stomped on her head after she fell to the ground. The activist, Lauren Valle, had donned a blonde wig and a "Republicorp" sign to satirically mock her political opponents. She tried to approach Paul and give him an "employee of the month" award from that fictional company -- and that seems to be what set her attackers off. While outlets like The Huffington Post are saying the attack was the "apparent" work of Paul supporters, Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte and TPM's Josh Marshall interpret the video as clear evidence that it was the Paul supporters doing the shoving and stomping and holding Valle down throughout the incident -- and the footage corroborates their claim. You can see the Paul gear on her attackers and hear the chants of "Rand Paul" in the background. Watch the youtube video followed by a news report below: Valle spoke to the press before checking into the hospital. Conway reached out to Valle, but Paul merely released a statement against any expression of violence, and on appearance on FOX this morning, " stopped short" of singling out the attack on Valle.. Marcotte responded to Paul's even-Steven condemning violence on "both sides":
This is sniveling, cowardly, and frankly sick. There were no “both sides”. There was a group of large men that support Paul that attacked a single, much smaller female MoveOn activist... It’s cowardly. Of course, I wouldn’t expect any less of Rand Paul, who has above all other things during this election, proven himself to be a whiny crybaby, a coward who acts like he has convictions and then whines and runs the second anyone argues with him, and a childish brat who probably hasn’t grown up a day since his Aqua Buddha years.
Huffington Post had a lengthy follow-up with police, who confirmed that Valle is fine and that they were rather unprepared for the rowdy crowds outside the debate. Read the reports at TPM, HuffPo, and Pandagon.
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