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VIDEO: Abortion-Seeking Patient's Husband Fires Back at Anti-Choice Protests

Salon's Tracy Clark-Florypicks up on a video of Aaron Gouveia, the angry husband of a clinic patient who strode over to anti-choice protesters to speak his mind, and filmed their conversation. Writes Clark-Flory:
On their way in, they were confronted by images of dismembered fetuses and two women yelling, "You're killing your unborn baby!" Enraged, Gouveia decided to confront the protesters while his wife was in surgery, and he caught the whole interaction on his cellphone.
Picked up on camera are Gouveia's poignant explanation of why he and his wife, parents who wanted another child, are seeking the procedure -- as well as his opponents' rather pathetic attempts at rebuttals. He also points out to them that because of their scaremongering tactics, it's hard for women in need to find abortion providers nowadays. Read his full thoughts on the incident in his essay at The Good Men Project. If only the Democratic establishment would take a page from this justifiably enraged guy's handbook and come out swinging, verbally, against the virulent new strain of anti-abortion rhetoric emerging from the Right. Read the full story at Salon's Broadsheet.
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