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Gawker Reveals College-Era Rape Accusation Against Whitman's Son

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's sons haven't been seen much on the campaign trail with mom. Perhaps that's because they'd bring too much controversial baggage into the spotlight -- a small but potent handful of arrests and high-profile scandals involving the two lads have already been made public. But today Gawker's Maureen O'Connor has an explosive rundown of a rape accusation leveled at Whitman offspring Griffith Rutherford Harsh V, known as Griff, when he was a sophomore partying at Princeton's exclusive eating clubs.  Gawker published the jpeg document of the accused's statement to Princeton's disciplinary board and an exclusive anonymous interview with a friend of the alleged victim, who didn't press charges but did show up in a banged-up condition at the school's health services, leading to the investigation. Together they paint a pretty unpleasant picture of the incident.  Writes O'Connor:
On a spring night in 2006, Griff — then a sophomore — went partying on the Street, a boozy row of private undergraduate dining clubs. As he would later tell a panel of university disciplinarians, he ran into a classmate and went home with her. They had sex. She awoke the next morning with a black eye, bruised face and, she told friends, with no memories from the previous night. According to multiple sources—one of whom was a dormitory adviser at the time—the girl told her friends Griff Harsh had raped her.
In his statement, Harsh swore he had never in any way believed his classmate incapable of consent, and that her injuries came from a trip and fall on the street. The University didn't find enough evidence to take action against Harsh, O'Connor reports. Still, the anonymous friend told O'Connor, "How somebody would think it was OK to sleep with this girl, who is bleeding from her face, is beyond me." In 2002, Princeton opened "Whitman College" a new residential college built with the help of a $30 million donation from Harsh's mom, now running for Governor touting her family-values as a selling point. Read the full story at Gawker. Read Alternet's Kelli Goff on Whitman's "delinquent" sons.
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