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Is Carly Fiorina Really Sarah Palin?

Written by Robert Greenwald and Laura Beatty "I support offshore drilling." With this position, Carly Fiorina is falling in line with her 'Drill, Baby, Drill' comrades and continues her work to become the Sarah Palin of California. In the latest video from Brave New Films, Carly shows us her history of supporting those who want to drill in particular in the beautiful Arctic National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR). She also takes a card from the Koch Brothers playbook and thinks we should "have the courage to examine the science behind global warming." Enough! Haven't we learned from the damage in the Gulf? Haven't we seen enough unbiased documentation on global climate change? Don't let Sarah Carly drill on your California coastline! And, if the prospect of California becoming the next environmental disaster doesn't frighten you enough, take a look at the REAL Carly's love for the Tea Party, her 30,000 job killing track record, and her recent anti-Latino words and actions. Let's protect our coastline and let's protect California. Make sure your friends in California see this video.