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Nazi Re-enacter Tea Party Candidate: We Can't Judge SS Officers

Rich Iott, Ohio Republican congressional would-be and now infamous Nazi re-enacter, went on Anderson Cooper's CNN show last night to attempt to explain those photos of him and his buddies in SS uniforms. He averred that this military history group that dresses up in such uniforms is only interested in historical reenactment, not in defending the actions of the Germans. But he failed to adequately explain why the group's site doesn't mention much about the Holocaust-related atrocities committed by the soldiers they so carefully impersonate, the members of the 5th SS Panzerdivision, Wiking--and amazingly, Iott said it's hard to judge whether these guys were courageous. "I don't think we can sit here and judge that today. We were not there the time they made those decisions," Iott said, when asked about the bravery of the Nazis he and his group dress up as. "Were there bad people? Absolutely. Were there atrocities committed? Absolutely there were. There are people that want to deny the Holocaust ever happened in this country and around the world." See the full interview at CNN.
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