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Could the Dems Dodge a Bullet in November?

This post originally appeared at Democracy Corps has just released their new poll of key congressional districts and says that polls have moved back enough in Democrats’ favor to possibly forecast an “October Surprise” where Democratic losses aren’t as big as the current conventional wisdom indicates:
The national poll conducted October 2-4 by Democracy Corps and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner shows real movement – similar to changes reported by NBC News/Wall Street Journal and ABC News/Washington Post in the past week. The changes are summarized below: * The Republican lead in the named congressional ballot with likely voters has come down 4 points. * The image of Republican incumbent members (named) has become less positive in the last month. * The number of strong Democratic voters has gone up 4 points. * The mood about the state of the economy has become slightly less negative.
Some key slides: Again: Who knows?
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