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Rand Paul Thinks the Elderly Should Pay More for Health Care

If the world was sane, this would be the end of the Rand Paul campaign:
A new video today catches Rand Paul repeatedly supporting a $2,000 Medicare deductible on Kentucky seniors – despite his claims just last week that such a statement was a “lie.”
This post first appeared on Hullabaloo. Because it's important the elderly people with dozens of health problems be more responsible with their health care dollars. We certainly can't expect people like Dr Paul to take that role. After all, they "deserve to make a comfortable living" and can't be expected to ensure that these frail old people aren't overusing the system. These "greedy geezers" need to take more responsibility for themselves and maybe a little of that Paulite "tough love" will snap them into reality. By the way, the average social security check is $1,000 a month.
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