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No More Crooks in Congress, Investigate Candidate O'Donnell

Americans are tired of unethical politicians. We don't need another one to get into Congress. Christine O'Donnell has stolen from citizens even before getting into office. She has used up to $20,000 on rent, bowling and personal meals, and sees nothing wrong with this misuse of campaign funds. We disagree. And so Brave New Films has called upon David Weiss, the United States Attorney for the District of Delaware, to investigate O'Donnell's illegal usage of campaign funds and for her submitting of false reports to the Federal Elections Committee. If we don't stop corruption before candidates get into Congress, we will never stop corruption within Congress. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Government deserves recognition for also being watchdogs for democracy in their work to bring attention to this issue. Americans have had enough of double talking politicians who claim to be "fiscally conservative," but really are just about what fiscally benefits them and their friends. There is disturbing evidence that Christine O'Donnell has broken the law, and voters deserve to have this situation investigated. Sign our petition and join us in asking for a thorough investigation of O'Donnell's illegal actions.
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