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Women Being Cut Off from Corporate Jobs

This post first appeared on Shakesville. There's a lot of interesting and/or infuriating stuff in this article about the gender gap on Wall Street, but this particularly jumped out at me:
The figures suggest that women bore the brunt of the layoffs in the recent recession. But other forces are at play. Across the economy, computers have replaced junior, back-office workers, jobs that were largely filled by women.
There are all kinds of studies that have been done finding how women who graduate from business school tend to start out in lower (administrative) positions than their male peers. As those admin functions have been being automated, it should have created parity for entry-level positions, but it isn't working out that way: Instead, it's simply cutting off the primary route into corporate work for many young women. Something tells me that's not going to get the same level of attention as when factory automation started putting men out of work.